Large-Scale Deep Learning Model on Distributed Parallel Platform for high-speed processing

 Research Goals

  Development of the distributed parallel framework for processing lage scale deep learning model

 Research Contents

Distributed Parallel Processing Model for large scale deep learning processing

 Run-time system Techniques for large scale deep learning processing

Real-time Distributed Parallel Framework for Massive Image High Speed Processing Based on Deep Learning

■ Research Goals

 Development of distributed parallel framework for high-speed processing of large-scale real-time image based on deep learning

■ Research contents

 Distributed parallel execution applications on multiple machines

 Simultaneous fine-grained and coarse-grained operations with virtualization of secondary processors such as GPU and XeonPhi for high-speed execution of large-scale vector and matrix operations


Distributed Parallel-based Multimedia Data Processing Technology

■ Research Goals

Developing techniques and software for high-speed parallel processing on GPU or

  Multicore-based computers

■ Research contents

3D object tracking and AR matching based on distributed parallel environment

     - GPU and Multicore based 3D object tracking

     - Solution for realistically matching C input image and virtual object

Social Media Cloud PaaS Platform Technology Research

 Research Goals

The Next Generation Distributed Parallel Processing Cloud Platform (PaaS) Layer Core Technology Study

  for supporting rapid and easy development of various social media services

Research content

Agent-based large-scale distributed parallel processing Cloud platform structure study

    - Cloud-based distributed parallel data processing platform technology

    -Cloud Infrastructure Management Platform Technology

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